Three Common Garage Door Repairs You May Need

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A garage door that opens and closes properly is what all homeowners want. There are a lot of reasons a garage door may start to malfunction and not open or close as it normally does. The first sign of a problem is usually the best time to contact a professional garage door repair company. There are a few common issues that may be causing your door to stay open or not open, may help you identify an issue and get the help you need.

Laser Alignment

New garage doors have two aligning lasers on each side of the door. These lasers point at each other, and they help prevent the door from closing on something that may be in the way. These lasers sometimes get damaged by weather or they can get slightly moved. A garage door repair professional can come and help you align these lasers if you notice that they aren't straight anymore or if you notice that the garage door won't close all the way. Even if one of the lasers is broken, it will need to be replaced in order for the door to open and close as it should. It's good to have them checked periodically by a professional to make sure they are in good condition.

Damaged Metal Tracks

Garage doors that get used a lot sometimes develop alignment issues along the metal track the door is attached to. This can cause the small wheels on the track to bend or break, and it can make it so the door doesn't open and close straight. In many cases, a garage door repair person can simply tighten parts along the track that have come loose, or they may have to bend parts back into place to make sure the metal is straight. If the metal along the track has become rusty or too bent, it may be required to replace once side or the other in order for the door to be able to work properly.

Remote Connections

Whether it's the remote attached to the garage wall or the one you put in your car, it's not uncommon for issues to emerge with the remote buttons that signal the door to move up and down. Most garage door repair companies offer services to help people remove and replace remotes that are no longer working, or they can help re-program remotes that have stopped connecting properly for one reason or another. 

While some garage repairs may seem simple to fix, it's not uncommon for serious injuries to occur when people try and fix their garage doors without the proper tools or experience. A garage door repair professional will make sure your door is fixed properly and that your equipment won't be damaged.