Keeping Your Property Safe: 3 Security-Gate Accessories That Enhance Overall Performance

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Although you might feel safe at home, the truth is that burglaries make up a majority of the crimes conducted in the U.S. A burglary happens approximately once every 18 seconds, and your house, in all honesty, is not as secure as it may seem. Be proactive and take action to install security systems that will keep burglars out. Security gates, in particular, have been known to be rather effective deterrents. If you're still concerned about how secure your home is, you can further amp up the performance of your security gates with these three additional accessories.

Motion Sensor–Triggered Security Cameras

Burglars are much less likely to target a home when they know that they might be caught on camera. This is especially true because video evidence can be used to determine their identity and can be used in court. To further secure your property, install security gates that come with motion sensor–triggered security cameras. You'll be notified whenever anyone accesses the security gates. The security cameras basically log who goes in and out of your property.

In addition, the security cameras will record just about any type of activity that happens near the gates. If someone tries to dismantle your gates or tries to break them, they'll be caught on camera. Look for security cameras that can capture high-resolution videos. In addition, cameras that come with night vision will give you a better look at who the culprits may be.

Motion Sensor–Triggered Lights

The last thing that most burglars want to do is draw attention to themselves—especially at night. All burglars want to work undetected. There's nothing better to deter burglars than motion sensor–triggered lights. These lights should be installed at the highest point of the security gates and should be angled downward so that the burglars cannot hide in any shadows. Installing the lights at an elevated position also prevents the burglars from being able to damage or break the lights.

Look for motion sensor–triggered lights that are as bright as possible. You want the lights to attract the attention of people passing by. Some experts recommend installing colored lights, as colored lights will also work to attract attention during the daytime. You can choose a wide array of different colors. Bright colors tend to attract the most attention and are highly recommended as a result.

Rolling Code Technology  

While you can manually input a key into a keypad to open the security gates, some gates can also be opened by remote keys. These remote keys basically send out a code to the security gates. If the code matches, then the security gates will unlock and open. Prevent burglars or other criminal masterminds from being able to access your security gates by paying extra for keys that rely on rolling code technology. These keys constantly upgrade and change the code needed to unlock the gates so that your ability to unlock the gates cannot be replicated by another key or with a software program.

Even if the security gates rely on rolling code technology, you still need to be diligent in making sure that you don't give the pin code for the keypad to strangers or anyone else you don't completely trust.


Most security gates are relatively secure to begin with. They already act as a strong deterrent to prevent burglars from targeting your home. Still, if you don't feel safe, or if you own a lot of expensive items, there is no harm in installing any of the additional accessories and features mentioned in the article. These accessories will only improve overall performance and increase the amount of security that the gates can provide.