4 Things to Take Into Consideration When Purchasing a New Garage Door

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If your old garage door is worn down and beaten, it may be time to switch things up and purchase a new garage door. Here are a few things to take into consideration when purchasing a new garage door.

#1 Make Sure You Get A Quote In-Person

When you get a quote, do not get on in store or over the phone. Make sure that a salesman actually comes out to your home to give you a quote. When you order a new garage door, you need to make sure that you accurately measure the opening size and have enough clearance on the side and make sure that you have enough headroom. If you need to replace the supporting structures as well, this is a great way to get an all-encompassing quote that covers everything that you need.

#2 Consider The Maintenance Required

Next, make sure that you consider the maintenance required with any type of garage door that you want to purchase. The most labor intensive type of garage door to have installed is a wood garage door. If you purchase a wood garage door with a natural finish, you are going to need to refinish the garage door every couple of years. You can also get the same the same effect of a wood door with a lot less maintenance by going with a steel door that has a faux wood finish. Make sure that you are up for whatever level of maintenance that your new garage door will require.

#3 Increase Your Insulation

When you install a new garage door, this is a great time to increase your insulation on your garage door as well. The most effective type of insulation for your garage door is polyurethane insulation. It offers a higher degree of insulation that extruded polystyrene. You can almost double your insulation value by using polyurethane insulation for your garage door. This will help you better regulate the temperature inside of your garage so it doesn't get so hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

#4 Go For Stronger Springs

You are going to want to install new torsion springs with your garage door. Your torsion springs are designed to work for a certain number of cycles. It may be worth it to pay a little extra to get torsion springs that have a higher rating; they will last you longer and increase the time needed before you have to upgrade your springs again.

When you purchase a new garage door, it can be worth it to upgrade the springs and the insulation; these upgrades may cost a little up front but will provide long-term benefits for you. Be sure to get a professional to measure and size your new garage door to ensure that it will fit correctly. For more information, contact a business such as AAA Garage Door, Inc.