Garage Door Estimates: When It Is Most Prudent To Get An Estimate

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Getting an estimate for any kind of home repair project is standard practice. However, there are times when it is most effective and most prudent to get an estimate. With regards to garage doors, the following instances are of the utmost importance for securing garage door estimates.

Your Garage Door Is an Unusual Size

Garage doors that are quite a bit smaller or larger than most modern garage doors may require a special order. Special orders on garage doors may increase the cost of the project. Without an estimate on what the special order garage door will cost, you do not know how the total cost of the job will be affected. A full estimate for the door and labor in this case is a must.

Your Garage Door Needs More Than One Opener

Double-wide garage doors and extremely tall garage doors tend to be very heavy. This means that you will need at least two, not one, garage door openers to open the door. Additional installations of garage door openers also affects the estimated costs of installation and repairs of garage doors. Expect double the labor and double the cost for the opener, and check your estimate for these itemized charges to make sure they are fairly equal.

You Want Some High-Tech Features on the Door

Any time you add technology to a moving component, the price goes up. Adding high-tech features to a garage door will definitely increase the work estimate. Security locks and alarms on the garage door will cost you more for the supplies, electrical wiring, installation labor, and possibly fees from subcontracting an electrical contractor to make sure everything is connected correctly. If you want to know what these extra, high-tech features will cost you in addition to a garage door and/or an opener, get the estimate. Better still, get a couple of estimates.

You Want a Custom Door

Any time the word "custom" fits into a phrase about a project, you can bet the cost will be high. However, custom garage doors do supply you with very unique doors to your garage. It is this uniqueness that makes people request custom products in the first place. If you have plenty of money, the cost is irrelevant. If you are on a budget, a work estimate and quote for the custom garage door and features is essential. The estimate and/or quote will help you stay within your budget.

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