Got A Garage Door? 3 Problems A Pro Should Repair

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A garage door can have a variety of problems with most of them requiring a professional to repair. You may be the DIY type of person and want to repair the garage on your own, but you may cause more damage instead of repairing it. Below are three problems you may have so you know when it is time to call on a garage door contractor.

Garage Door Remote

If you use aresidential garage door opener and it suddenly stops working the first thing you should check is the batteries. Replace them to see if this fixes the problem. If this does not repair the problem, go inside the garage, and use the wall switch to see if the garage door opens and closes. If it works fine when doing this, then you need to contact a garage door contractor to have the remote replaced.

If the electric switch inside the garage does not operate the garage door, you may need to have the switch replaced. The garage door contractor may do this or contact an electrician to do this for them.

Garage Door Springs

Working on the springs in your garage is very dangerous, especially for someone that has never worked on them before. If the springs are not working properly, the garage door will close quickly instead of slowly. Anything in its path will be hit forcefully, which will cause injury or even death.

The springs are located on the ceiling on either side of the garage door. If you close the door you will see some of the springs on the back of the garage door.  You can inspect them yourself and check for any deterioration. For example, you may notice some of the springs have rust built-up on them. This can happen over a long period of time.  If you are not able to open or close the garage door at all then one or more of the springs are completely broken.

Garage Door Panels

If you notice one of the panels on your garage is damaged, such as if the panels have a dent or are cracked, this may seem like an easy repair for you. This is because garage door panels are a cosmetic issue.

If you replace the garage door panels on your own, however, you may not find an exact match to match the rest of the door. A garage door contractor can match the material, color, type, and brand so you will not be able to tell a difference when they are finished.

Your garage door contractor can go over this information with you in much more detail. They can also give you many tips on how you can keep your garage door in great condition.