Are You Prepping Your House For The Warmer Weather? Check The Garage Door For These 3 Common Problems

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Now that the warm weather is here, you are busy puttering around the house to get it ready for the upcoming seasons. While you look forward to being able to do things such as work on the car and go on bike rides, you also know that your garage door is about to get heavy use as you need to access the items inside more often. As you continue with your spring and summer home maintenance routine, check for these signs that the garage door needs servicing.

1. Inspect the Tracks

The rollers on the garage door require smooth tracks to glide up and down as the door is raised and lowered. While quality tracks should last many years, this is one part of the garage door that is susceptible to damage. Sometimes, the tracks get bumped as people drive into the garage or carry out heavy lawn equipment. Check the tracks for bumps or dents that could cause the rollers to get stuck. During your inspection, you can also look for other signs of damage such as loose hardware that also signifies a need for repairs.

2. Watch for Worn Weatherstripping 

The garage door has a seal around it that functions like the weatherstripping on other areas of your house such as the windows and exterior doors. Over time, the weatherstripping is exposed to moisture and temperature fluctuations that eventually cause it to wear down. Once this happens, the garage is vulnerable to water damage from spring and summer storms, and you may notice an increase in pest populations if the cracks become big enough for insects and small rodents to slip through. Fortunately, a seal replacement is typically a quick fix that prevents major issues from developing,

3. Test the Safety Sensors

Garage doors are heavy, and one that is in motion can cause serious injury to someone who is beneath it as it lowers. Today, the majority of garage doors are installed with safety sensors that prevent them from lowering if someone or an object is in the path. However, safety sensors can malfunction. Place a block of wood beneath the garage door and try to lower it. The sensors should detect the wood and stop the door from coming down. If not, then do not use the door until a garage door company detects the problem and performs repairs.

The garage door is likely one of the largest entrances to your house, and you can expect it to receive more activity if you use it to store lawn and sporting equipment. By performing a few quick checks, you can make sure that it is ready for the upcoming season. Contact a company like for more information and assistance.