5 Garage Door Accessories That Add Value

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Having a garage is a great convenience, and the right garage door accessories can add even more value. You may be wondering, however, what garage door products are the ones that are worth checking out. These 5 items offer features that can make your garage a little better to use.

Keyless Entry

While it's easy to picture products like old-school remote garage door openers that can be attached to your vehicles, the offerings have advanced significantly in recent years. Your entire garage, including the door, can be rigged up to an internet-connected system that allows you to use an app on your phone as an opener. The best models also allow you to turn on the lights and set the temperature in your garage.

High-End Security Systems

The doors to your garage can be configured with a multifactor security system, too. This can be set up to allow remote unlocking, a keypad for the garage door and even using a thumbprint as authorization. You also can add a security system just like the one in your home. If you're worried about expensive items in your garage, this will provide a lot more protection than just using a deadbolt.

Racks and Baskets

Finding room in a garage to store more stuff can be a challenge, but the door itself may offer some relief. Racks and baskets are available that can be mounted to the door itself. If you're looking to store a bike, for example, this can be a superb way to make the most of the available storage capacity.

Decorative Accents

Looking at your garage door may have you feeling a bit bummed about its aesthetics. A hardware kit, however, can help you give it a lot of visual appeal without making a major investment. Metal accents can be used to create the look of wrought iron banding on the door, for example. Decorative panels are also available, making a door instantly look less like an empty wall of white. If you're worried about installation, there are mounting options available for either screws or magnets.


One of the better dollar-for-dollar investments you can make in your garage door is weatherstripping. This is material that ensures that gaps at the edges of the door will be more tightly sealed. If you're worried about heat or A/C escaping for your garage, or you don't want water getting in, check it out.

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