Retractable Patio Screens Could Be A Better Option Than A Permanent Screen Enclosure

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If you're debating whether to get a screen enclosure for your patio, you may be torn between the advantages of having a screened in patio and the advantages of having a wide, open space. A good solution to consider is getting retractable patio screens so the patio can be enclosed or open when you want. Here's how these screens work:

The Screens Can Be Motorized

Retractable patio screens can be raised and lowered manually or you can by the motorized versions. Motorized screens can be operated with a remote which makes it easy to lower the screen to just the right place to block sun or open and close them throughout the day.

Different Types Of Screens Can Be Used

Retractable patio screens are ideal when you want privacy. Buy the dark screens and you can enjoy dining outdoors or lounging in the breeze without your neighbors watching you. You can also buy screens that are lighter in color so they give you a clear view of your surroundings. Some screens even have a blue tint so they act as shade against the sun and add a little decor to your patio.

Patio Screens Have Many Uses

Besides providing privacy, a patio screen keeps out bugs so you can enjoy the outdoors without bugs flying around you or biting your kids. A screen also keeps your mild-mannered pets on the patio so you can let them outdoors to enjoy the breeze and watch the birds. A screen can also keep wildlife off of your patio so you don't have to clean up bird droppings or discarded peanut shells from squirrels. Plus, you can put your vegetable plants outdoors to get some light without worry of birds or animals bothering them. The screens also provide shade that protects your furniture from the sun and keeps your patio cooler.

Be sure to let the sales representative know your purpose for buying patio screens so the right screen material and installation method can be chosen. With proper care, your patio screens should last a long time, so you'll also want to know how to maintain them and protect them from damage.

Patio screens turn your patio into another room that's an extension of your house, but the great thing about retractable screens is that you can raise them any time you want and they disappear from view. You may want the screens open during the day so you have a good view of the scenery or when you want open access to your yard. You get the best of both options when you install retractable patio screens.