Why You May Want A Side-Sliding Garage Door

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When you picture a garage door opening or closing, it's highly likely that you think of a door that rolls overhead on a pair of tracks. This style of operation is common in residential applications, but it's not the only type of garage door that your local company has available. Another product is a side-sliding garage door — as its name suggests, this is a door that slides to one side of the garage when opening. If you're starting the process of shopping for a new garage door and are evaluating the merits of different designs, a side-sliding product may appeal to you for the following reasons.

It Allows For More Overhead Space

A lot of homeowners like the idea of using the ceiling of their garage for storage. There are all sorts of things that you can store with the assistance of racks and other devices that hang from the ceiling, which can help to free up floor space. When you have a garage door that opens by rolling just below the ceiling, it inhibits your ability to store items overhead. Conversely, a side-sliding garage door leaves the ceiling open — allowing you to store bicycles, sporting equipment, and other items in this space.

It Provides More Privacy

One issue with garage doors that roll overhead is that they don't provide much privacy. If you have a number of high-value items in your garage — perhaps bicycles, hobby items, or even tools — you might be concerned about who can see into the garage when you roll up the door. A benefit of a side-sliding door is that when you need to enter and exit the garage on foot, you can slide the door open just a few feet. This gap will be more than adequate to allow you to walk in and out, but the rest of the door will help to block peoples' ability to see into the garage.

It Discourages Clutter

Garages can have a tendency to get cluttered. Homeowners who struggle to find a place to store certain items will often place these items in their garages. If you're the type of person who dislikes clutter, you might look for ways to keep your garage as tidy as possible. A side-sliding door can actually help in this regard. Because it opens along the wall, you can't place random items in this area because they'll be in the path of the door. As such, you'll need to find a proper home for each item, which can give the garage a tidy appearance.