Understanding What May Cause Your Garage Door Springs To Break

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Did you know that your garage door springs do much of the work when it comes to the operation of your door? Carrying and lifting the heavy weight of the entry door is an arduous and crucial responsibility. As such, if the springs and rails are maintained poorly or not at all, the components may inevitably break. Having an understanding of spring maintenance is therefore vital in order to avoid ending up with such damage.

Here are three factors that lead to broken springs.

Wear And Tear

Most garage door springs malfunction due to wear that has gone ignored in its earlier stages, which is why the door should be inspected and maintained regularly to preserve its longevity. Depending on the type of door you have installed for your garage, you could be working with extension or torsion springs. Irrespective of the type, these components are invaluable for supporting the entryway door as it opens and closes. Thus, your entryway door is no longer functional if they break down. If an inspection reveals any signs of wear, it may be due to the springs not being effectively and regularly lubricated to maximize their lifespan.


Signs of rust on the springs of your door's garage likely signify that their lifespan is compromised. Rust weakens the areas affected, leading to frequent and coarse friction, ultimately weakening the springs. One way of curbing this issue is routinely lubricating your garage door springs. The efficiency and lifespan of your door increase when cared for in the long term.

Poor DIY Maintenance

Carrying out recommended maintenance, including inspections and maintenance, for your boxed roller door springs is an effective way to get good value for your money from their operation. This is especially advisable during the winter due to the friction. If you notice that the springs are straining to function or producing a buzzing sound, be careful to lubricate them. Additionally, since the issue cannot be resolved without expert intervention, ensure that you contract the services of a reputable repair company to diagnose the issue and advise accordingly. These specialists are trained in fixing garage door problems and have the tools necessary for the project.

Not only does engaging a technician help save you money by preventing further damage, but it also ensures the root of the problem is sorted out. In addition, if there are any other, possibly subtle problems, the repair professionals can catch and fix them before they escalate.

Reach out to a garage door repair company to learn more.