Common Issues With Your Garage Door Opener: Time For A Repair Or New Installation

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Your garage door opener can last about 15 years, but there can be times when you will need to have a garage door opener repaired because of a problem. While you can try to problem-solve a garage door opener that isn't working, you'll have to call for help if you can't figure out what is going on. If your opener suddenly doesn't work, make sure that there is power going to the unit. If your circuit breaker has tripped, or you have a power outage, there is probably nothing wrong with the opener itself. If you are unable to determine why your garage door opener is malfunctioning, a garage door repair specialist can figure out what is going on.

Your Garage Door Strains to Open

If your garage door struggles to open, this can be caused by a failing opener, loose tension springs, or issues with both. Check your tension springs by opening the garage door all the way and see if it stays all the way open. Tension springs help to hold the weight of the door, and they will close more than a few inches when the tension springs are loose. Don't adjust the springs on your own, as this is dangerous to do. If the opener continues to strain with your springs adjusted, you may need a new garage door opener installation.

The Garage Door Opener Won't Engage

There are a number of reasons your garage door won't start moving when you hit the opener remote. The antenna on the back of the opener may be loose, or the photo-eyes are not working properly. Your circuit may need to be rewired if it continues to trip and does not provide electricity to your garage door opener. The photo-eyes send a signal to each other, letting the opener know that nothing is in the way to prevent the door from opening or closing. The antenna catches the signal from the remote to the opener and may need to be replaced. 

If you try to use your garage door opener and it doesn't work, always make sure that it is plugged in first. Look to see if the circuit breaker has tripped, or if you have power going to the garage at all. You may need a new garage door opener if your current one has suddenly failed. Garage door openers last roughly 15 years, but may last less time when it is used frequently.