Identifying And Fixing Common Mechanical Issues In An Older Garage Door

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A well-functioning garage door makes your home more secure and convenient. However, older garage doors may develop mechanical issues over time that can cause them to become noisy, operate inconsistently, or even get stuck in place. By understanding the root causes of these issues, you can take steps to ensure your garage door remains reliable and functional for years to come. 

Why Is The Garage Door Making Loud Noises?

A common source of loud noises from a garage door is worn-out rollers. Over time, the rollers on your garage door may wear down due to friction or become damaged by debris and dirt buildup. This can cause them to create excessive noise when operating the door. To fix this issue, consider replacing the old rollers with new ones made of nylon or steel with ball bearings.

Another possible reason for a noisy garage door is a malfunctioning opener mechanism. The motor inside the opener may struggle due to age or damage from external factors such as power surges or extreme temperatures. If you suspect your opener is causing the noise, consult a professional technician for proper diagnosis and repair.

Why Does Your Garage Door Open But Not Close?

Garage doors have safety sensors that prevent them from closing if something obstructs their path. They are usually located near the bottom of the tracks on either side of the doorway entranceway. If these sensors become misaligned or blocked by debris, they may prevent your garage from closing. This is due to the debris continuously sending a signal to the opener that an obstacle is present. To fix this problem, clean and realign the sensors according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Garage door tracks can be damaged or bent over time, which may cause the garage door to struggle to close. This issue may arise from accidentally striking the tracks with a vehicle or even corrosion due to moisture exposure. Inspect your garage door tracks for any visible signs of damage and consult a professional technician if necessary for repair or replacement.

How Do You Fix A Garage Door That Is Stuck Halfway?

If no obstructions are causing your garage door issue, it could be due to improperly adjusted tension springs. These springs play the vital role of counterbalancing the weight of your heavy garage door during operation by providing lift and lowering support when needed. If you suspect that tension spring adjustment might be causing your problem, contact a professional technician since working with these powerful springs requires specialized equipment and training.

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